Certified Manufacturing Facility

     Vesta Automation Inc. is a CSA Panel Shop, certified for delivery to Canada and the USA.  Our fully equipped facility is capable of manufacturing and testing any type and size of panel.  Our commitment to excellence is evident in every enclosure we construct, from the smallest of custom junction boxes to the largest, inter-connected MCC assemblies. 

     We work with many industries, including:

  •  Mining
  • Water/Wastewater and Utilities
  • Agriculture manufacturing and handling
  • Food manufacturing
  • Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs)
  • Electrical contractors. 

     Our panels are custom built to your exact specifications and operational needs.  Send us your designs for us to build or work with our design team. 

     Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, we take advantage of the CentrePort Canada transportation hub and our central North American location.  We have multiple options to provide timely deliveries from our facility to yours.


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Panel Rating Types

     NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are two different systems used to classify electrical enclosures based on their ability to protect against various environmental factors. 

NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association)

     NEMA ratings address solids, liquids, and reactance to some materials.  Care must be taken to ensure the material of the enclosure and fittings are suitable for the substances found in the installation environment.  

     Here's a list of common NEMA ratings and their corresponding IP ratings:

NEMA Rating

Approximate IP Equivalent




Provides basic protection against dust and limited protection against dripping water.

IP52Guards against dust, oil, and dripping water. Commonly used in protected industrial settings (electrical rooms, or relatively dry environments).
Protects against dust, oil, and splashing or sprayed water.


IP11 or IP12

Offers slightly better protection against dust and dripping water than NEMA 1.

Designed to protect against dust and splashing or sprayed water from any direction.
IP14 or IP24
Similar to NEMA 3 but intended for outdoor use. Protects against weather elements, including rain and ice formation.
Offers the same protection as NEMA 3 but with added protection against windblown dust.
Provides protection against dust and powerful water jets from any direction.
IP66 or IP67
Similar to NEMA 4 but made from corrosion-resistant materials. Suitable for harsh environments with corrosive agents.
Designed to withstand temporary submersion in water and offers protection against the entry of dust.

IP (Ingress Protection)

     IP ratings for electrical enclosures indicate their ability to shield against solid particles (like dust and objects) and liquids (such as water and moisture). The ratings consist of two digits, with the first digit representing solid protection and the second digit representing liquid protection, providing a standardized measure of an enclosure's resistance to environmental factors.  The ratings do not address reactance to some materials.  Care must be taken to ensure the material of the enclosure and fittings are suitable for the substances found in the installation environment.  

     Here's a list of common IP ratings:

IP Code

Protection Against Solids

Protection Against Liquids


IP00 - - No special protection against solids or liquids
IP1x ≥50mm - Protection against large objects (>50mm)
IP2x ≥12.5mm - Protection against medium-sized objects (>12.5mm)
IP3x ≥2.5mm - Protection against small objects (>2.5mm)
IP4x ≥1mm - Protection against most wires, screws, and tools
IP5x ≥1mm (dust-tight) - Dust-tight protection
IP6x (dust-tight) - Complete dust-tight protection
IPx1 - Vertically falling droplets Protection against vertically dripping water
IPx2 - 15° Tilted droplets Protection against dripping water up to 15° tilt
IPx3 - Spraying water Protection against spraying water at angles
IPx4 - Splashing water Protection against splashing water from any angle
IPx5 - Water jets Protection against water jets
IPx6 - Powerful water jets Protection against powerful water jets
IPx6K - High-pressure water jets Protection against high-pressure water jets
IPx7 - Temporary immersion, up to 1m Protection against temporary submersion in water
IPX8 - Continuous immersion, beyond 1m Protection against prolonged submersion in water
IPX9 - High-pressure water jets and steam Protection against high-pressure and steam cleaning

OEM Partnerships

     We are partnered with several manufacturers of industrial products, providing the control panels and automation systems to bring their products to life.  We also offer location-offset building for international partners, looking to have their products built closer to their customers.

     Talk with one of our specialists to find out how we can assist in your success!

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MCC Rebuilding

     Many facilities are home to outdated Motor Control Centers (MCC's) that while having good structure, are full of older, obsolete control equipment.  Let us help you reduce your downtime and risk while protecting your existing infrastructure investments.  From individual buckets and sections to entire centers, we can update to modern, reliable equipment.  

     Allow your equipment to reach it's potential with a more energy efficient VFD, replace that aging starter with an intelligently connected controller, or just simply get your MCC back on friendly terms with your Maintenance department.  

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Our professionally trained staff are with you every step of the way, with our complete range of maintenance, and operational services available to you 24/7.

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